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i gave in 3 inventions and i got a x by stage 4 by all of my inventions the resin i still love dis company is because they give the inventor an ease way to know if the inventor is wasting time by dreaming about his invention boot ween an inventor is submitting an invention remember Edison nation only except invention that is mass market so don't give up if you feel your invention might give you mony you don't have to use Edison nation i think... Read more

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Idk yet about edison nation but so far ive made it to stage 4. But i do know one thing if i get scammed i got a big shot lawyer that would love to take a big money company to court. Read more

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I submitted a few product ideas to Edison Nation. There are a LOT of Edison Nation junkies who subscribe to this genius marketing ploy so using their forums to point out any shortcommings doesn't work. They sign up subscibers by the boatload and charge a small fee for submissions. All well and good if legit. But what % of their income is derived from actual licensing? I see very light duty, non-costly type ideas make it through occasionally... Read more

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Im Clarence Covington3rd and all of my ideas made it to stage 3 and to be let down with a biv red X. After spending money to submit every time. After researching all of my ideas before submission. They still came up with an excuse to why i wasnt chosen. I have a patent patent on a protective case for a mobil credit card reader for product "Square" credit card reader for Mobil phone. Snd i feel that they will take my idea for them selfs. Never... Read more

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Within a year and a half after I submitted my idea for a cat litter box and bag system in which litter can be sifted through holes in the bag and clumps remain behind, The product "Sift and Toss" cat litter bags showed up on the shelves of pet stores made in China distributed by All Star Products. The mesh bags are virtually identical to the ones I submitted. Unfortunately, I trusted Edison Nation and did not read the fine print in the contract... Read more

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Please consider this Inventors.... According to a quote in Ruters, "We're really greasing the rails. We're making it easier for those great ideas to finally get in the hands of companies," said Foreman, CEO and co-founder of Edison Nation, a search service that matches retailers' product requests with inventions. Edision Nation, owned by Louis Foreman is sending out emails, I got one, to their insiders and publishing on the internet the 25... Read more

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