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Within a year and a half after I submitted my idea for a cat litter box and bag system in which litter can be sifted through holes in the bag and clumps remain behind, The product "Sift and Toss" cat litter bags showed up on the shelves of pet stores made in China distributed by All Star Products. The mesh bags are virtually identical to the ones I submitted. Unfortunately, I trusted Edison Nation and did not read the fine print in the contract you must submit to do business with them and I did not have a patent. I later learned that even if I had had a patent, they reserve the right to reassign the patent to themselves. Below is the exact wording from their contract. I hope someone will see this before this before signing a contract with them. EN has effectively "buried" all complaints about them to page 2 or 3 of search engines so that their positive reviews are all on page 1. DO NOT trust them. The wording of the contract states in several places:

"WHEREAS Edison Nation desires to Consider the Innovation for purposes of possible acquisition of the Intellectual Property;"

"Assignor irrevocably quitclaims, sells, assigns, transfers, and conveys to Assignee all rights, title, and interests in, to, and under the Intellectual Property. Assignor does not, however, transfer title to, or grant any rights or interests in, any tangible articles of the Intellectual Property.Assignor further covenants and agrees, and binds any and all heirs, administrators, legal representatives, nominees, and assigns, to assist and cooperate with Assignee in the preparation and prosecution of any patent, trademark, or copyright application included within the Intellectual Property and in the prosecution or defense of any interference, opposition, lawsuit, or other proceeding that may arise in connection with the Intellectual Property and, further, to execute and deliver to Assignee any and all additional petitions, oaths, assignments, or other papers or instruments that may be reasonably requested by Assignee; provided, however, that the actual, reasonable costs to Assignor that are incurred in compliance by Assignor with such assistance and cooperation will be reimbursed by Assignee.Assignor further covenants and agrees to authorize and empower Assignee to invoke and claim for any patent application, patent, trademark application, and trademark registration included within the Intellectual Property the benefit of any rights to which Assignor might be entitled under international law or under the laws of any particular country, and to invoke and claim such rights without further written or oral authorization from Assignor. Assignor appoints Assignee as its lawful attorney-in-fact to act on its behalf for the limited purposes of effecting recordation or public notice of the assignment of any of the Intellectual Property, including the execution of assignment instruments for purposes of recordation with, for example, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and the U.S. Copyright Office.Assignor further covenants and agrees that this Assignment shall inure to the benefit of the successors, assigns, legal representatives, or nominees of Assignee, without further written or oral authorization from Assignor.""Innovator acknowledges that Innovator is entering and upon submission entered into this Agreement only after careful consideration of this Agreement and the Innovator Assignment and Commercialization Agreement, and that Innovator has had full and fair opportunity to seek legal advice concerning the rights and obligations of the Parties to this Agreement."

"During the Term of this Agreement and subject to Section 3 below, in consideration for Edison Nation’s promise to Consider the Innovation, Innovator agrees to enter into and immediately sign, without negotiation, the Innovator Assignment and Commercialization Agreement attached as Exhibit A, including all of the terms and obligations, upon receipt of a Notice of Selection for commercialization of the Innovation."

" WHEREAS Assignor agreed to the terms and conditions of the Prior Agreement as part of a submission that Assignor entered on the Edison Nation Web site, the Submission Acknowledgement for which is included as Schedule A;

WHEREAS Assignor is obligated under the Prior Agreement to sign this Assignment for purposes of possible commercialization of one or more products based on the Innovation submitted by Innovator to Assignee under the Prior Agreement; and

WHEREAS Assignee desires to acquire, in accordance with the terms and obligations arising under this Assignment, all rights to the Intellectual Property now existing or created in the future that are associated with the Innovation;"

"Any and all inventions; any and all domestic, foreign and international patents and patent applications, including any reissue, reexamination, extension, renewal, substitution, conversion, confirmation, division, continuation, continuation-in-part, provisional, nonprovisional, and the like of any patent or patent application, and any patent or patent application claiming a right of priority to any of the foregoing; all domestic, foreign and international trademarks and trademark applications and registrations, and related domain names and Web sites; all domestic and foreign copyrights; trade secrets; know-how; and designs; and including any refinements, changes, variations, derivatives, and improvements of the foregoing; and any past or present right or cause of action arising under any of the foregoing, including the right to sue for infringement, which are incorporated in, embodied by, or otherwise directly related to an Innovation."

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This is a normal agreement if you are licensing a company to take your product to market. The agreement should include a percentage usually small for royalty payments when the product is finally sold.


If the reviewer is correct about the assignment language of intellectual rights to Edison Nation, then no one is being ripped off. The inventors are giving their intellectual rights away with the assignment to Edison Nation.

That's unfortunate for them, but very advantageous for Edison Nation legally if not so much morally. These kinds of arrangements are all too common.


Me too!!! My stolen idea in stores everywhere!!

to Anonymous #1464005

OMG, my idea was too. I am looking at an ad for my exact same idea. WE should seek legal counsel anyway.


I had an invention that was stolen from me too by Edison Nation. I now see it in stores.


Why didn't you sue the *** out of there ***?

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1034379

WWW.RIPOFFNATION+PATENTS+COPYRIGHTS+ETC.COM-that just about sums up the whole stinking corrupt lot of evil

idea robbers.

Remember the old adage:"If you have an idea i) keep it to yourself, ii) get it patented with the legal binding... "and all such similar, identical and likewise designs in their entirety in

perpetuity." perfect until you have a viable workable and

'fit for production' model and finally, TRUST NO ONE.

Wichita, Kansas, United States #947909

This guy has no basis for complaint. It failed at stage 3 because this is where Edison Nation looks to see if there is "Prior Art", meaning "is this already patented?" And it was.

in 2003, patent #6,595,159 was granted for the same invention to another individual. He did not have an original idea, and it just so happened that the original idea came to market about the same time as when he submitted the same idea to Edison Nation.

to dcr #1185264

So...dcr, I assume you work for Edison Nation? How else would you know this information?

One can not just google a patent number and come up with what you did. Also, you seem to know the inner workings of the EN review process...hmmmm....

to Anonymous #1571718

Is this comment a joke? Check out https://patents.google.com Or do a quick search with key words on the USPTO.gov website.

And no, I have not ever used Edison Nation. Maybe they stuck, maybe they don't.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #946445

They stole my product

I would stay away from this company- to Harvey Reese. I submitted my product and a few years later I was doing a patent search and there it was.

Someone had patented my idea with a few modifications. I had only submitted my idea to Harvey Reese. The most disappointing aspect of the entire blow to the gut was that they used my graphic with a few minor changes!

So again this company is nothing but a scam. They claim to review your designs and give you a below standard evaluation while at the same time stealing your idea!!

to SMH #1095468

Did you ever patent your product? If not that should be a lesson learned.

If you have a good idea protect it before someone else does.

I have had dozens of ideas that I later saw in market because I didn't patent the idea and someone out of the billions of people on this planet happened to come up with the same or similar idea and patent it when I failed to. Ideas have no value...Intellectual property does.

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